Los Angeles Television Showcase For Musical Artists
For Pitch and Program Description go to: Pitch Sheet
Shows Available: Four Half-Hours (28:30 each)
Program Type: Entertainment. Music & Human Interest Magazine Show. Family Rated.
Show Description: Interviews, musical-artist profiles and performance clips with six or more
musical acts per show. Two hosts open the shows and appear within the
shows.Videotaped in studio and various locations around Los Angeles.
Spot Configuration: Six minutes (three breaks, 2 minutes each)
Pre-Sponsored: No.
Promo Availabilitiy: A 30-second on-air promo is included with your license. The promo has
allowance for local information in audio and picture. Additional
promotional materials are optional.
Format: Two one-hour Beta SP tapes are provided. Tape #1 contains the on-air
promo and shows # 1 and #2. Tape #2 contains shows #3 and #4.

License Pricing*: DMA Size
(Based on Nielsen)
License Per 1/2-hour Show
(Four-Show License)
Four-Show License
4 Million or More $200.00 $800.00
2 to 4 Million $170.00 $680.00
1 to 2 Million $140.00 $560.00
Less Than 1 Million $110.00 $440.00
*License grants right to one play. Additional plays per license available at 50% the above rates.
*License fees subject to change without notice or updating here.
*Includes shipping of air tapes within USA. Licensee provide return shipping of air tapes.

Invoice will accompany air tapes sent to qualified applicants. License is in effect when payment is received.


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To order the STREET MUSIC LOS ANGELES four-show series print out this form, enter data and fax it to: (818) 843-3687

Jerry Day Productions, 634 N. Reese Place, Burbank, CA, 91506
Inquiries, call: (818) 843-3667, Cell: (818) 406-4653

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For Pitch and Program Description go to: Pitch Sheet